The Zoobridge Replacement Opens Next Saturday

First posted on on December 4, 2017: The New 12th Street SE Bridge Opens December 9th!

Saturday December 9th, 2017
from 1:00pm to 3:00pm
Celebrate the Re-opening of Zoo Road
& the Opening of the New Zoobridge

I won’t go into (again) how the entire Zoobridge project was laid out around their original plan (leaving the old one up till the 2018 opening) but it should be noted that the structure and road will be open to traffic, but a fair amount of work is still yet to be done surrounding the project. CBC reported that installation of salvaged pieces of the old structure, as well as a public art project, will be scheduled in the year.

Still the new bridge opening is a major accomplishment, and a welcome relief for the residents of the area, who will now have an important Bow River crossing open again.

See you down there!

12th Street SE Bridge Replacement Project (City of Calgary webpage)

CBC Article: December opening promised for new bridge at Calgary Zoo


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